Geek design of the day: #while : do if windows sucks then mv windows /dev/null

It’s no secret that I despise all things micro$oft and window$, so it should come as no surprise that I cooked up a little bash script pseudo-code that expresses my feelings:

# while :
> do
> if windows sucks
> then mv windows /dev/null
> apt-get install Linux
> fi
> done

If you’re familiar with bash (or Bourne shell) scripting in *nix, you’ll understand this pseudo-code’s point right away. People who don’t know anything about bash scripts and/or Linux will probably react with blank stares. Of course, its meaning is: if windows sucks (and it does!), delete all traces of windows (by sending it to the UNIX/Linux never-filled-up trash can, /dev/null, which accepts everything, no questions asked, so you never have to see it again), then install a Kubuntu/Ubuntu/other Linux distro that uses apt-get as its command-line tool for installing/managing packages.

This design is available on a ton of products at our CafePress shop, including lots of shirts, mugs, hats/caps, magnets and more. Here’s an example:

Linux pseudo-code to remove windows and install Linux, merchandise available at

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