Geek design of the day: Linux. Because rebooting is only for installing hardware

It’s okay to admit that, as a Linux user, you’re a little smug when it comes to the ludicrous bullshit micro$oft users put up with–and consider a NORMAL part of their computing experience.

For example, when’s the last time you rebooted any of your Linux machines? I mean for something other than installing hardware [and not wanting to get electrocuted]? Other than my laptops which, by their mobile nature, require being shut down occasionally, I can’t recall the last time I rebooted any of my [desktop] computers. Oh, wait, a few months ago Southern California Edison shut off the power in my neighborhood to upgrade their equipment, so, yeah, there was that one day. But rebooting because a computer crashed? locked up? stopped responding? or, most laughably of all, you installed software?! Can you even imagine having to reboot just because you installed a new program? Incredibly, the clueless morons who make up the window$ user base do all this and think it’s normal!

Our featured geek design today is short and to the point: Linux: Because rebooting is only for installing hardware. This slogan is available on a ton of products in our’s CafePress shop, including coffee mugs, bumper stickers, tote bags, lots of shirts and so much more. Here’s a sample:

Linux rebooting and geek merchandise at's CafePress shop

Please stop by our shop and peruse all of our geek designs. It’s not just Linux! We have organic chemistry designs, math slogans, system administration and programming sayings, and more.


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